Chat with us, powered by LiveChat How to host an event with photobooth during Coronavirus pandemic?

How to host an event with photobooth during Coronavirus pandemic?

How to host an event with photobooth during Coronavirus pandemic 

Let’s face it. Coronavirus is here and affecting all our lives. As events and photo booth hire company in Melbourne, we have been hit hard just like many other businesses. 

While we have had quite a few cancellations where we have refunded our customers who had to cancel their weddings, birthdays and other events due to Coronavirus we have also seen many of our customers change their event and continue with their photobooth bookings across Melbourne.

We have come up with some of the below learnings so far to adapt our business during these tough times. 

  1. Home parties of 100 or less
    Over the last couple of days, we have had many people call us to say they are changing their event to have a celebration at home with only close family and friends due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Move the event to a smaller venue 
    A lot of our customers have moved their events indoors and made sure they only have less than 100 people at their event. Smaller venues are seeing an unprecedented surge in their bookings due to the new changes in the law to event gathering in Australia.
  3. Have plenty of soap and hand sanitiser at your event
    We have seen many of our customers re-emphasise that there will be plenty of soap and hand sanitisers at the event and everyone is required to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser as frequently as required. 
  4. Communicate with your guests
    Communicate with your guests well in advance. Tell them about the changes to your plan as soon as possible to avoid any confusion. Use digital channels to communicate changes quickly and effectively.
  5. Protect the elderly.
    As we know by now the elderly as most vulnerable to the Coronavirus even though young people are more likely to carry the virus. We have seen a lot of our customers have separate times for the elderly in their family to join the party and have separate times for others under the age of 60 years.         
  6. Avoid using props or use disposable props
    A lot of our customers have said they don’t want props being handed from one person to another to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Some have also said they will get something ‘use and throw’ kind of disposable props at the events.
  7. Surge in Pick-up and return bookings 
    Due to all these changes, we have seen a big surge in customers booking our DIY pickup and return service wherein they pick up the booths from us and return it after the event. Our Pickup service is a more affordable service for smaller gatherings. 

We hope everyone will get through fine without much damage during this pandemic but if you are going ahead with your events in this time, Cheapest Photobooth Melbourne is here to provide you with fun photo booths for your events.  

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