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Open & Enclosed Photo Booths in Melbourne

Cheapest Photobooth Melbourne believes every customer deserves the best -yet affordable- service to make one of a kind memories out every photo.


Give the best experience to your guests! Whenever there’s one of our photobooths, there’s a line of people of all ages waiting to take there pics.
It’s not just our state of the art equipment, Cheapest Photobooth Melbourne also customizes every photo. You can name your sweet sixteen or even add the logo of your company’s Christmas party.


That’s right: guaranteed! We will offer you a 20% discount on any final price available on Melbourne’s market. We want to ensure every client gets the service they desire for the price they deserve.
Why? Because our goal is to give you the best in every way so that you know that you can count on us for every party, no matter how big or small it is!
So if you got a better quote, just reach out to us and we’ll give you an offer impossible to reject.


We know some people prefer to forget about any logistics during an event, while others prefer privacy and having fun with a small crowd. It’s all about you feeling comfortable, and that’s why we offer you both attended or unattended photobooths. It’s your choice!


To make sure every moment is captured, a professional photographer can also take pictures from the very first minute and throughout the whole event.
When it comes to capturing the moment, we want to be at the top of your list. So why not just hire the whole combo and just enjoy the rest!