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Why hire a photo booth for your Melbourne Christmas Party? Here are the reasons…

Photo Booths at Melbourne Office Christmas Parties

Photos are part of every event. Whether it’s a birthday occasion or an anniversary, hiring an expert photo booth is usually recommended to guarantee the quality of the pictures. It is generally essential that you get an image booth rental to capture all beautiful photos for the special event. Photo booth helps in maintaining memories of your office Christmas event occasion. Many firms provide you image booth hiring services, but you have to make sure that you go for the most effective service provider that fits your requirements. There are several attributes of hiring photo booth services at office Christmas event. Photo booth Hire helps to maintain memories that can print all the images taken at the same time. Specific image booths, service providers also offer a customized image and video presentation upon your special request.

Even though lots of people have a very high image resolution camera in their phones, however, photo booth offers more than just a camera can. Always choose the one that make use of a high-resolution camera. It is recommended to understand that various booths have different sizes, so it is recommended for you to seek the services of that photo booth that meets your and your venues requirements. You can also find a photo booth thats looks modern yet does not lose the old world charm of a photo booth. A lot of photo booths have a same old look, while many of them are available in various themes depending on your special event. Another factor of consideration is the photo print quality at the booth. Specific photo booths rental will also provide a feature that will enable the images to be personalized in some ways. Just ask your service provider about this ahead of time.


While Christmas may appear like ages away,  the very fact is that now could be the proper time to get booking! Which starts with the entertainment. Explore these reason why you would like to hire a Christmas party photo booth in Melbourne;

  • Best marketing tool

Whether it’s a little low workplace affair or a corporation-wide event, merely add heaps of fun to your Christmas party, Generally an Open photobooth is more inviting so people can see other having fun at the booth and join the fun. When the staff or attendees share their photos on social media this will further enhance your marketing reach without spending a dollar on advertising. 


Your workers have (hopefully) worked hard all year and also the Christmas party is that the excellent time to point out your appreciation. It’s a time for you to return the favour to all your staff so they can let their hair down a bit and have some unique fun. Keep the photo booth as a last minute surprise to add the extra fun to your Melbourne Office Christmas Party or let everyone know there will be a photo booth at the staff Melbourne Christmas event so they can all bring their best costumes to the function on the night. The surprise or the advance notice of the photo booth will bring a lot excitement to your otherwise very formal company Christmas function in Melbourne.  Your staff will appreciate it much more. Plus, you’ll earn mega brownie points for being the excellent boss ever!


Tim Burton is rumored to favor setting his movies at Christmas as a result of it instantly adds a component of stress. Whereas Christmas is usually a tremendous time of year, it often comes with coming up with planning and stress. Whether or not it’s the pressure of pulling off a great Christmas dinner, or meeting deadlines before the company shuts down for the vacations, stress-levels are at their highest throughout the lead up to the Christmas holiday season. And believe it or not, a photo booth is a simple thanks to reducing stress instantly. Guests can forget their woes, pop on their favorite props and hog the camera. It’s the proper way to begin the vacation in style.


Whether it’s a Christmas party for workers or a company event, you’d be silly not to take advantage of the branding opportunities. By hiring an expert photograph booth, you will make sure your are maximising your branding with a custom design as per your brand style guide to personalise the vent to your branding advantage. From branded watermarks to custom props and backdrops, guests are going to be adding, sharing, tagging and uploading their photos, that is instant exposure for your brand.


If there’s one factor we all know about a photo booth, it’s the power of bringing people together. And not only this, however, it gets them out of their comfort zones too. People that work in different departments or on different floors are suddenly chatting. Before you know it, they’re grabbing props and striking a pose. A simple way to break the ice, workers can get to grasp one another higher, that makes for a happier work environment.


As well as spreading Christmas cheer, attendees are going to be creating MEMORIES within the process. And with a photo booth, they’ll have the proper lasting memento,  because of each a digital copy and original quality print. What’s even more incredible that this can be each one that you and your company created happiness, yearning, and cheer around the festive season. Therefore this Christmas, book an expert photograph booth for your company Christmas event in Melbourne. Make it an evening guests will always remember (for all the right reasons!).

Why Do We Need Cheapest Photo Booth Melbourne

Almost everybody loves photos. Having Photo booths at your event can actually make your big day more fun and pleasurable. Photo booths are the most cost-effective, reasonably-priced, entertainment you can offer to your guests. Why is a photo booth important at your Office Christmas Party in Melbourne this year? Because almost every event, be it a Wedding, Birthday, or any kind of event or party, they all have photo booths and because of that your staff expects to see a photo booth at your company Christmas event. 

Firstly, these are just a few of the explanations why you would like to consider a photo booth for your company x’mas event:

  1. Entertainment

Photo booths are considered as a highlight of the game for many parties. Guests want to take their image taken. They conjointly like to have a memory of the day. Having a photo booth at your event will leave a smile on your guests’ faces. Moreover, this type of entertainment can bring fun to your event. The photo Booth and also the red carpet that comes with it, your guests will want a celeb.

  1. Cool props

Your skilled photographer already took your image for the day which implies the formal photos are done. Currently, it’s time to have some fun with the help of some cool props at the foto booth. You will be surprised how some unicorn helmets, huge sunnies, funny hats, etc can bring out the wild side of the most boring person on your staff at the booth at your Christmas party in Melbourne. 

  1. Suitable for all ages

Photo booths are suitable for all ages. From youngsters to grandparents, the photo booth is essential for your office party or any kind of event. Once you seek the service of Cheapest Photo Booth Melbourne, the best memories of your annual office event that you and your staff will remember forever. 

  1. Keepsake Memories

Your guests will surely love it that they bring home a photograph memory of that day. They’ll undoubtedly remember the event and look forward to the next one. The photo booth can produce a personalized layout only for you and your event. Your staff will cherish the customised company branded photos which they will be able to keep with them for the rest of their lives.

  1. Unlimited Photos and Digital Copies

Not all photo booths for hire offers unlimited photos. However, The Cheapest Photo Booth Melbourne provides unlimited photos as a standard to all its customers. We also provide digital copies of all the photos of the night for the company to share with their staff and all other stakeholders. This is not just great for internal staff’s morale but also provides the company with an opportunity to create a positive and caring image in front of the world by sharing the digital photos online via news or in share with the press for publicity. 

Photo Booth Style In Melbourne

All the guests at the party will enjoy interacting with the fully automated photo booths that Cheapest Photobooth Melbourne will install for your party. Guests will like the talking voice on the photo booth that gives them instruction and countdown before capturing a fun photo. After taking the photo the photo machine will process the photo and print them instantly. 

This leads to the images being written physically or regenerate into animated pictures that are distributed digitally.  

Why is an open photo booth such a great idea for your work Christmas party?

After a gruesome and extremely busy pre-Christmas season your office staff is looking forward to their work Christmas party in Melbourne and what is a staff X’Mas party without a fun and awesome photo booth?

There is nothing better than having fun with the people you work with on a daily basis! It’s an ideal time to understand one another a bit more and forget all the boring stuff. A photo booth is a must-have that every office Christmas event in Melbourne ought to have. Simply accept it! There is no better entertainment than a picture booth to capture images of your staff enjoying their time with their colleagues. 

Why book a photo booth for your next staff Christmas party in Melbourne? If nothing else this will tell you why?

Can you imagine the always busy John in Accounts who hardly ever speaks having crazy fun with a fancy, funny hat? Imagine the Stella in HR who is always on her best behaviour letting her hair down at with a group of people from customer service at the office party photo booth? 

That moment of your staff creating unforgettable moments of bonding printed on your company branded photo strip that is now framed on your staff’s desk as one of their most previous memories. That’s why you hire a photo booth for your office Christmas party. 

We help your company create such moments. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you make your X’Mas party fun. 

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