Why you should hire a photo booth for your next event in Melbourne

Why photo booths are such a party winner!!!
So you’re planning a party and need to avoid boring party embarrassment.
Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne has become one of the easiest ways to do that over recent
years. They are the perfect addition to almost every social occasion where you want to to keep
your guests entertained. Be it a wedding, engagement, birthday or corporate function, you can bet
that having a photo booth available for all will be a great investment.
So below is some of the top reasons why you should hire a photo booth for your next event in

1…They are super fun.
Yep, they are fun….Pretty simple, but extremely true.
Nobody wants to be known as a boring party planner by their friends.
Photo booths are a sure fire way to keep your guests smiling all night long.
They act as a people magnet and can help transform even the biggest party grinches.
From the start of your photo booth hire to the very end, you can be sure that you and your guests
will love hamming it up inside the photobooth.

2…They are a great early party ice breaker.
I can’t count the amount of times where I have just ticked off setting up a photo booth at a job only
to be swamped by a pack of people waiting to start posing it up.
The facts are that in this day and age, people just love taking snaps of themselves.
Even at a slow paced party, you can almost guarantee that once you have a booth up and running,
that the entire vibe of the party will change and people will be eyeing of when they can get their
chance in the booth.
The cool thing is that they are also enjoyed by people of all ages.
It doesn’t matter if you are organising a kids 7th birthday or an 80th.

3…Value for money
You can spend thousands of dollars on entertainment for a party these days.
Bands, MC’s, DJ’s, Photographers all generally cost more money than a photo booth and in all of
my years experience in the party/entertainment industry i can honestly say that the photo booth is
9 times out of 10 the most utilised and enjoyed form of entertainment at any party.
The simply offer fantastic bang for you buck when it comes to party entertainment.
It’s no surprise why they have become so popular in the last few years in Melbourne.

4…They are the gift that keeps giving
Your event may be well and truely over but one of the beauties of hiring a photo booth in
Melbourne is that you actually get a copy of all the images taken via an online gallery or a USB
flash drive.
Yep, not only do your guests get instant prints on the spot, you also get the copies of them.
This means you can go back and enjoy looking over all the shenanigans that your friends got up to
in the booth at any time. You can even use some of the better images to print out into full size
prints to be framed or posted up onto any of your social media platforms.

Guest Blog by Daniel Bridge from Wooshka Photo Booths 

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