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Top 7 Graduation Photo Booth Venues In Preston

Top 7 Graduation Photo Booth Venues In Preston

Whenever you are planning to organize a party, like a graduation ceremony, the topmost priority is selecting a venue or function room. Well, this sets the tone of the whole event. For easing the selection process, you would have to follow certain major guidelines. These will help you in easily choosing the venue –

  • Location – It is important that the venue you select must be easily accessible to most of the guests. Also, it needs to be within a reasonable distance from their place of work or homes.
  • Parking – Always make sure that the venue has its own parking space or any valet services. If there aren’t then check out if there is anything nearby that attendees can use.
  • Capacity – Make sure to check out the capacity of the party hall that you are going to use for the graduation ceremony in advance. You might want to accommodate your entire guest in a comfortable manner rather than finding out the hall is very small at the last moment.
  • Ambiance – Always take note of the ambiance that is present inside the venue. Of course, this depends on the kind of event.

Best Photo Booth Venues In Preston For A Graduation Ceremony

The following are some of the best photo booth venues present in Preston –

1. The Stolberg

Now the Stolberg has the best and spacious function spaces. Each of them has a capacity ranging from 30 to 300 guests. Also, each of the rooms is specially different in size as well as style. They cater to all kinds of events right from corporate parties to 21st wedding, engagements, and graduation ceremonies.

Frankly, The Stolberg is gaining a great reputation as one of the best photo booth venues in Preston. It provides a great kind of restaurant type of food along with the best seasonal specials. The bistro section is open for workers’ lunch throughout all weekdays providing some of the best and cheap menus. Also, there are specials throughout the week that consists of juicy steaks and other great dishes.

Also, they provide excellent function rooms for catering to various kinds of events like engagement parties, birthday parties, casual weddings, graduation ceremonies, Christmas parties, etc. They are the perfect ones for graduation ceremonies as they provide a great beer garden filled with DJ and live music throughout the summer.

2. Kundan Indian Restaurants Preston

If you like to have your graduation celebration with some spicy and mouth-watering Indian food, then the Kundan Indian Restaurant is a perfect choice.

Well, think about it, you get to relish on the delicacies of Indian food and that too at reasonably priced and very tasty. The best part is that you can set a photo booth to capture the moments of the fun-filled events. Besides that, the friendly Indian staffs would ensure that you have a great time and your graduation party goes smooth.

There are various packages available for party and catering at the Kundan Indian Restaurant. Of course, each package is filled with the amazing and delicious Indian food like lamb seekh kebab, paneer kebab, etc.

Most people really like the Gladiator’s Platter that is really amazing. It consists of Saag, panner, Chicken 65 with rice and roti. Well, this is a top-notch dish and you and your gang of friends would really have a blast.

3. Stars International Reception Centre

Looking for the ideal venue that can hold your graduation function along with setting up a photo booth? The Stars International Reception centre is the perfect venue for various cultural events and private functions in Preston.

Located perfectly in the inner Melbourne suburb of Preston, it provides ample off street parking and is the best photo booth venues in Preston. The Stars International Reception centre is specialized in all kinds of functions like corporate product launches, wedding, seminars, graduation, school formals and debutante balls, etc.

The best part is this venue can accommodate huge guest ranging from 150 to 500 guests in the best decorated and air-conditioned reception room. The staffs at the reception centre have a ‘can do’ attitude along with a flexible approach. This makes sure that your graduation function will be enjoyable and memorable. Plus, the presences of the photo booth make sure that each and everyone can capture and remember the event.

4. Preston City Hall

For a huge graduation ceremony that involves more than 100 guest, the Preston City Hall is a great venue. The halls have seating capacity of 40-600 people. Most importantly, it is the common used for various activities like exercise class, meetings, social clubs, graduation, prom, dance classes, community events, etc.

Besides being the best photo booth venues in Preston, there are impressive features of having a graduation ceremony in this venue. One of the major features is the impressive stage it has. This is supported by an advanced public address system.

Furthermore, there is an upright piano on the stage and it provides a great ambience for a prom and graduation ceremony. Also, the commercialized kitchen space allows you to bring in caters or you can cook food there itself.

Plus, the venue has a good quality wooden dance floor. It is filled with the best tables and chair that simply suityour graduation function. You can capture the moments of the fun events from the photos of the installed photo booth at the avenue. So, the memories of the fun events stays with you for a long time.

5. Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre

If you want a graduation ceremony at a premier arts venue, then try the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Center. This is the perfect party venue for people who are creators, artists, and innovators. Unlike other graduation venues, this is a dedicated arts centre.

They are not only the best photo booth venues in Preston but also provides affordable, accessible, and fit-for-purpose cultural infrastructure for creating uncompromising, dynamic and viable creative opportunities and experiences for artists to engage with each other.

Their recently renovated foyer showcases an attractive welcome to the artist community. It even provides improvements to the universal access of the venue. Even the newly renovated bar gives a sophisticated offering of snacks, barista coffee, and best beverages.

What can make your graduation ceremony the best in this venue is the presences of the fully equipped proscenium arch theatre. This has a full fly-tower and orchestra pit seating for 300+ people.

6. Mantra Bell City

Situated within an impressive complex, this provides great accommodation for graduation and other anniversary parties. It is just twenty minutes away from the Melbourne CBD and airport. Most importantly, this is a great place and venue for both corporate travelers visiting Preston for official and leisure needs.

Home to one of the best restaurants and café, this serves the best and great resort kind of faculties. Here it includes a huge pool, well-equipped sauna, and gymnasium, so kind of perfect accommodation for personal parties like graduation ceremonies among your closer ones. The presence of many stylish and sleek conferences as well as even spaces makes it an easy location for placing photo booths. So, no doubt, this is one of the best photo booth venues in Preston.

7. Tallboy And Moose Brewpub

The Tallboy and Moose Brewpub provides a flexible space for various great events irrespective of whether it is small or large. It has a converted warehouse that is open and has the brewery tucked into the back corner providing limitless options for both format and styles of various enjoyable events.

So, whether you are planning for a blank canvas kind of theme or a somewhat clean as well as the modern venue, this is a party space for all functions. Right from wedding receptions, graduation ceremonies, to sporting awards as well as birthday celebrations, no doubt this venue has all that to make a great place to party.

Wrapping Up

Are you planning on having a great graduation ceremony that is private? Don’t worry! The above given are some of the best ones that fit your requirements and they are one of the best photo booth venues in Preston. So, not only you get to enjoy a great party but even end up capturing those precious moments with your friends and loved ones, by taking photos in the photo booth. Keep in mind that celebrations and capturing those moments are ones that would stay long in your life as the best memories.  

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