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Top 7 Photo Booth Venues In Doreen

Top 7 Photo Booth Venues In Doreen

Irrespective of whether you are entertaining your guest, or serving it as a decoration. Allowing your guest or family members to take home memories of the party, having a photo booth is great. At times, you really want to experience and enjoy what everyone is talking about, and there is no harm in making sure your celebrations are grand.

With a photo booth, you can make sure that your party is exciting and fabulous. All over Australia, you would easily find various photo booths to hire, and even you might come across the best photo booth venues in Doreen too.

Photo Booth Are Great For All Celebrations

No events are too fancy to have a good photo booth. And this is when you need to customize the backdrop with glitter and even have the best props. Do you know people like to escape in-between meals to take fun pictures along with their partners?

Photo booth pictures will bring in and add the right amount of fun touch to any fundraising event or gala. Furthermore, increased engagement will lead to gaining more guests and even more giving. Plus, among everyone, children are the most loyal customers at each event.

Kids would hang around the prop table, wanting to try them at all courses and even show the parents the resulting picture snapped from the photo booth. So, it is not surprising to see that a photo booth is a dedicated and significant party factor in a kid’s party. Needless to say, most photo booth providers quote that kids are their creative clients.

Besides kids’ events, a photo booth is also commonly used during the birthday celebrations. Common, each person would really like a me-present to themselves. Unlike official events, birthday party booths are really the best places where people go crazy and have fun.

Best Photo Booth Venues In Doreen

1. Brookwood Community Centre – The City of Whittlesea

Located at the east for Doreen, the Brookwood Community Centre is a great place to celebrate birthdays, product-launch parties, engagement, anniversaries, etc. The bluestone center provides three spacious arenas for a small meeting to mid-sized gatherings.

The presence of a small café right at the center makes sure that you have a steady flow of refreshments. Furthermore, the community center is available for both regular and casual hire from Monday to Sunday. It has a great ambiance where you can easily place a photo booth. And most importantly, you can share and capture those events, So, undoubtedly, it is one of the best photo booth venues in Doreen.

2. Laurimar Community Pavilion – City of Whittlesea

If you are looking out for a great venue for placing the best photo booth and taking the memorable snaps, then Laurimar Community pavilion is a great choice. It provides residents with the best modern facility for any parties and corporate events.

Also, it provides wide range of services for the local community too. You can hire and book the hall for various events like product launch, weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, etc.

With regard to seating capacity, it can hold about 30 people and 45 people standing, also addition 20 people in the adjoining courtyard. Most importantly, what makes the Laurimar Community Center the best photo booth venue in Doreen is that it is filled with excellent floorboards, a enjoyable BBQ facilities, tables and chair, air-conditioning, etc. So, no doubt, the place is filled with the best venues for installing a photo booth and capturing the fun moments of the party.

3. Slices Doreen

Besides being present at the sublime locations and having some of the unique décors, the slice can be a great place to go on full swing for all kinds of celebrations. It has an extensive menu that is created using the finest and fresh ingredients.

Now, what makes it one of the best photo booth venues in Doreen is the picturesque blend of a rustic and urban design feature. You get the warmth of the timber and the best custom-made finishes. The distinctive lighting and décor will ensure that the photos you take from the photo booth are attractive and best.

The Slices restaurant is the best location for group and intimate booking, especially in a comfortable and relaxed environment. It can host various diverse and exclusive function spaces for all kinds of occasions. No doubt, Slices is the perfect destination for all types of events like birthdays, engagements, Christmas functions, christenings, etc.

4. Fortress Park

Are you on the lookout for a great place to celebrate your kid’s birthday functions? You might really want to try out the Fortress Park. Not only is it an excellent place for kids, but it is the best photo booth venue in Doreen.

You will come across various equipment and playground tools that would make your kids enjoy. The presence of a large wooden playground along with multiple structures makes it a great place to set up a photo booth venue.

As you proceed and go along the park, you would come across the flying fox, the ‘Sky Surfer’, and other more enjoyable new-fangled and huge equipment. And the best part is that there is a kid’s basketball court. Undoubtedly, your kids would love and enjoy all the aspects of this amusing park. You might even see people having barbeque parties as there is an undercover BBQ area.

5. Hilltop Park

Another best photo booth venues in Doreen that you really would like is the Hilltop Park. This is the best place for having your kid’s birthday party and anniversaries located at the scenic site of Doreen.

For kids, there are all kinds of playing equipment like a basketball court, swings, etc. Your kids would really enjoy their birthday celebrations, and if you set up a photo booth, then the awesomeness level increases.

Even if you are planning on celebrating your anniversaries or marriage function, there are excellent quiet places that you can relax and take snaps. Most importantly, you can create a great wedding or anniversaries moments with your friend

6. Serle Wetland Park

If you want your kids to have a great party that is fun-filled and enjoyable, then the Serle Wetland park is the one you need to try. It has a vast playground that is fully enclosed with the latest and seemingly excellently constructed metal fences.

Most importantly, it has two childproof gates that ensure that your kids are secure while playing. Besides that, there is an undercover BBQ area, which is the best place to fry some burgers and fries. Plus, you can have great family time with your friends and other family members.

Also, the playground is extensively cleaned, and you might find a variety of birds in the pond. It has a vast and well-constructed network of wooden bridges present over the pond, and you might find this the best place to set up a photo booth to capture the fun-filled moments.

7. Appret Café

When you are planning to celebrate your marriage anniversary, graduation ceremony, or other eminent functions, you might want an open, warm, and friendly atmosphere. One where you can place a photo booth to capture the essence of such a great event.

The Appret Café is a place that provides the required ambiance for having a great party. It has a great alcove area that has a concertina door that is easy to open. It really suits the huge function that you are going to have and even accommodate the large groups.

Besides being the best photo booth venues in Doreen, the Appret Café is the best place for celebrating your most beautiful family moments with your loved ones. The whole ambiance and the staff are experienced. They would make sure that you have a quiet party with your loved ones sans without any high-profile celebrations and gatherings.


Celebrating the finest moments of your life is something that most people look out for. You might want to capture it and add some fun elements to it. With a photo booth, you get the fun, frolic, and live entertainment in the form of the best photos of that event. Something to remind you of the good times. 

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