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Top 7 Wedding Photo Booth Venues In Epping

Top 7 Wedding Photo Booth Venues In Epping

Are you planning to glam up your wedding event? Well, you might need a good photo booth hire services. The best part is that you might find plenty of best photo booth venues in Epping. It is not a shame if you want your wedding to be the talk of the town. A professional photo booth can be a great thing even though there are professional photographers.

Of course, you won’t have to replace the photographers just because you are placing a photo booth. Just think about the chances of making the wedding extra memorable and enjoyable. When you hire the best photo booth providers, you are going to be shooting many endless HD videos of you and your partner, especially in a relaxed environment.

And you know the best part is, the endless re-take options you get and even sharing those photos at the social network sites. You can even watch them at your home on a full screen and high definition TV.

Some of the best photo booth venues in Epping services provide instant Facebook uploads as well as integration with the iPad apps too. So, any individual who wasn’t present at the wedding will be able to check out the photos that are uploaded on Facebook and ones shared with family and friends. In addition, these photo booth snaps and videos can be used for making gifts to guests. They can be imprinted in fridge magnets, keyrings, canvas prints, or mugs.

Best Wedding Photo Booth Venue In Epping

1. The Grand Reception

Having the best and state-of-the-art lighting and a spacious dance floor, this is the best venue for installing a great wedding photo venue. No doubt, The Grande Reception is the best venue for setting up a traditional wedding where more than a hundred guests can attend.

This venue provides you with the grande and splendid atmosphere along with the highest attention for detail. Unlike other avenues in Epping, this is considered to be the most awesome and desirable wedding reception avenues in Australia. This has a huge appointed functional room that can seat about more than 300 people and air-conditioned. The best part is that it is quite apt to use as a phone both avenue.

Right from the moment you walk by the doorway, you would be seated in the beautiful glass-paneled backdrop. This would be filled with a great and best light show, spacious and huge sunken dance floor. Surely, it would be an amazing experience for you as well as your guests.

Also, if you are hiring the best photobooth venues in Epping, then you can take advantage of the venue as it is equipped with the best and spacious dance floor, fully serviced bar and a highly flexible floor plan, which prosvides a great place to install the photo booth.

2. The Manor On High

Considered as one of the best wedding avenues in Epping, Melbourne, this provides private courtyards, manicured gardens, and bridal quarters for retreating to. Frankly, there is no doubt that this is one of the best photobooth venues in Epping for capturing the perfect movements of your marriage.

One of the awesome features of The Manor On High is that it has more than two decades of experience in creating the best dream wedding for individuals all over Australia. Some of the exceptional features of this avenue that makes it a great place for wedding photo booth are –

  • Manicured garden
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Conventional location with huge parking
  • Extensive menu and options for good beverages
  • Dedicated event manager
  • Friendly, professional and dedicated staff
  • Competitive pricing that suits your budget
  • Huge dance floor along with bridal quarters and private courtyards

3. Diletto

Located at 1/3 Piazza Way at Epping Victoria, this is the best place for people to socialize with each other. You can easily use the services of the best photo booth venues in Epping providers. Frankly, this is a unique and quiet place, one that is really apt for a quiet wedding filled with excellent ambiance.

Also, this place provides a relaxing and comfortable environment where people can even sit and enjoy the best coffee as well as a bite in the town. With the perfect photo booth, you can capture the best parts of your marriage.

Also, you can make the guest enjoy and feel important with the various crazy and beautiful photos that you can take from the photo booth present in this venue.

4. Farm Vigano

If you are planning to have a romantic wedding along with a great dinner for the guest, then the Farm Vigano is one of the best photo booth venues in Epping. Even if it is a birthday or anniversary and date night, this place is the perfect venue for celebrating some of the special moments.

Not only that you would be captivated by the panoramic views right from the Italian Terrazza while dinning. And the best part is that you get to have authentic Italian cuisine. Also, this place has various venues to cater events of all styles and sizes.

5. Galada Community Centre

This is a great place for small gathering. There are even separate places to sit for groups to have chit chat. Also, the kinder garden presents the perfect venue to conduct a wedding and even install a photo booth.

Another important aspect of this place is that, it is well maintained and quite comfortable. Your wedding guest will have a blast of the time in taking pictures from the photo booth and the friendly staff would make sure that the guest won’t feel uncomfortable.

6. Trick Or Treat – Kids Party Venue

Just because this place is a great venue for kids to enjoy and celebrate their birthday, it doesn’t mean it is good one for weddings. You have friendly guest and various performances by expert children’s favorite performers. Also, you can easily install a photo booth to capture the best parts of your wedding along with your close family members.

7. Epping Memorial Hall

If you are looking for one of the best halls to arrange a wedding or community events, then the Epping Memorial hall is a great place. It is filled with many facilities and is equipped with some of the best sound systems and TV. No doubt, this is the perfect and best photo booth venues in Epping


Well, you might be able to find the best photo booth venues in Epping. But it is better that you do good research when you are selecting one that is really for your wedding. Your wedding is a dream come true experience and that needs to be memorable. So, selecting the best photo booth venues in Epping is really necessary as you would have to capture the best ambiance and environment, so that it is memorable. 

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