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Top 7 Wedding Photo Booth Venues In Mernda

Top 7 Wedding Photo Booth Venues In Mernda

Congrats! You are engaged now. Maybe you might have picked a date, so what next?

Most couples go through a huge pressure when it comes to selecting a beautiful venue that has everything they desired for. Consider the selection of the wedding venue as the biggest planning puzzle. It would be difficult to plan anything else as long as you know where the reception is going to be held.

The reception or the wedding can be mind-blowing if you have a photo booth to capture the fun-filled moments. The wedding must reflect you and your partner, it needs to display the great experience that your guest is going to have.

Irrespective of whatever your wedding dream is, you need to select the best photo booth venue and wedding place in Mernda. Just keep in mind that searching the best venue for the wedding and placing the photo booth can be fun and exciting.

Do Your Homework

It is not surprising to see you spending hours and even days, weeks or months, researching online for the best place to have a wedding. Well, researching is great as it will save a lot of your time. The internet is a great place to check but at times being a blessing it can be sometimes a curse too.

You might be blasted with information from many places, so this might prove a hindrance in narrowing down the perfect venue. Along with that selecting a good venue for placing a photo booth can be a bit overwhelming too. In such times, you need to sit down with your future spouse and talk about your wedding venue and whether it is apt for having a great photo booth.

Best Photo Booth Venues In Mernda

1. Two Beans And A Farm

What makes the Two Beans And A Farm a great wedding venue in Australia is the huge heritage charm and history that dates back to the 1860s. You would like to take your vows in this gorgeous bluestone farmhouse restaurant.

Situated at the lovely Carome Homestead ground of Mernda, it has acres of land, great garden, and the best views along with a short path that is placed away from the plenty river gorge.

Placing a photo booth in this venue can be great as you get to take the best pictures that can make great wedding memories. The Two Beans and a Farm restaurant is home to various wildlife families like rabbits, kangaroos, and ducks. You might sometimes see them popping up at your wedding ceremony. For many years, this beautiful bluestone farmhouse that is located on acres of lands having wonderful vies has been a great wedding venue.

Just think about having a wedding at a heritage farmhouse verandah. With the open outdoors and in one of the rustic rooms, surely it is going to be the best experience of your life.

2. Mernda Adventure Park

What makes the Mernda Adventure park a great wedding venue is the presence of three huge horse shapes dominating the top level of the playground. This is filled with structure with nooks and levels along with crannies that consist of caves, metal slide, flying fox, fireman’s pole, steps, ramp, etc.

Also, the ramp would lead to an area of a wooden platform having short tunnel slide, ladder, fireman’s pole, and scrambling wall. Another best architecture of this park that makes it a great place to have a wedding and installing a photo booth is the huge sculptured sandpit with roof, and tractor embedded into its path. Of course, you would have a great time taking fun snaps from the photo booth installed in this place.

Another reason why this is one of the best photo booth venues in Mernda is that the playground is vastly spread-out. It simply stretches out along the road and is not that much far away from the car park and water. If your wedding guests have kids, then they would not have a tough time keeping them engaged.

3. Bridge Inn Hotel

Planning your wedding at a hotel or inn is great. You can enjoy a comfy honeymoon in that hotel and ensure that the guest coming from far-distance places have a place to take rest and be fresh for the wedding.

Situated right on the Bridge Inn and Plentry Roads, the Bridge Inn Hotel has been a regular host for various celebrations serving the locals and visitors to Mernda since the 1890s. Being a local favorite for many awesome parties and celebrations, this is considered as one of the best photo booth venues in Mernda and supports the basic idea of having a place that is a meeting point for all communities.

You would be surprised to know that this inn was established for mates, families, and everything in between for catching up over a drink or delicious meals. Having the best kitchen in the whole of Mernda, the dining experience that you and your guest are going to get would be enjoyable and fantastic.

Provide the experience of rich food and dishes from succulent steaks, healthy salads to fresh seafood, and the entire pub favorite that you like and love to have. The sneaky little thing you might want to do during your wedding is to watch your favorite games as this hotel has the best Sport’s Bar where you get the experience of the best games on a 40+ flat screen.

  • A LA Carte Bistro: The A LA Carte Bistro was revamped, restored, and relaunched for providing the best wedding and dining experience for your family and friends. It has some of the best menus that are filled with dishes having healthy and fresh ingredients. Seniors and little ones would have a great time in gorging on the food, as it has a dedicated menu for all kinds of appetite.
  • Sports Bar: Having won the best sports bar award ‘AHA Sports Bar of The Year’, in 2014, you would have a blast at your wedding when the games are on. What can make your wedding the best, if you are a sports fanatic and watching your favorite team on the action. At the 40-inch flat-screen TV you can get it down and be on top of your game with the latest gaming scores and news as your wedding is going on.
  • Dehnerts Room: Situated upstairs, this is a fully private room that is the perfect one for you and your spouse to host the wedding event. Having the capacity to hold a small number of people which is 36 to 60 people, this is the best place for holding a small wedding function.
  • The Bistro: Well, if you looking for a wedding that can even host a great lunch or dinner event, then the Bistro venue would be the perfect one. The Bistro has an adjoining outdoor alfresco area and it is even within the proximity of the bathroom, bar, and even areas for small kids to play. Plus there is a huge open-plan space where you can place the photo booth and even make flexible table arrangements. Suitable for seating 75 guests, this would be perfect for a simple and small wedding.

4. Rippon Lea Park

Have you ever thought about having a dream wedding in an open ground that is filled with various playthings for kids? Of course, a wedding needs to be a place where one can remember the best time of their life, still, playgrounds or parks like Rippon Lea Park would be something that you like.

Just think about it, a huge playground having a large wooden structure, along with that a larger pyramid rope climbing frame. Also, the structure would be having a dual wave slide, speak and listen system, shop front, climbing wall, rope bridge, disk on ropes, etc.

Well, in short, all the things that can make the kids hooked up during the wedding. So, your guest wouldn’t have to handle their kids during the wedding ceremony as they would be busy exploring the best and active games in the park. Also, a huge park that is filled with trees and some of the best gardens can make a great background for fun-filled photos that you might take from a photo booth.

What makes the photos interesting is if you can have a great BBQ party as the backdrop. Well, right at one side of this playground, there is a shelter that contains a table and fit for a BBQ. So, you can not only have a BBQ party but even place the photo booth to take some of the fun and frolic pictures to capture the best moments of the wedding.

5. Billy’s Junction

It is fine to have a perfect wedding where you can place a photo booth to capture the fun moments. But what about the traditional and mouth-watering delicacies as a menu? You might not find anything like a great country rich food made from the finest vegetables and livestock like Billy’s Junction.

This is one of the best photo booth venues in Mernda and the finest restaurants that can make your wedding day memorable and fantastic. Going with this venue means you and your spouse are embracing the broad palate of flavors. As the famous that good food needs to warm your heart, Billy’s Junction provides you with the best restaurant based delicacies that your guest would really like to gorge on.

A fantastic restaurant, Billy’s Junction can make your wedding look classy and rich. The whole venue and the ambiance are perfect for a wedding that might look tradition but has a little bit of fun. Well, the fun part is the photo booth where your guest and friends can take whacky photos in different poses and share it with their colleagues and other friends.

6. Degani Mernda Junction

What makes Degani Mernda Junction one of the best photo booth venues in Mernda is that, it is your local café that provides tasty, friendly, and fresh food, something that your guests would enjoy about your wedding.
A perfect wedding requires one to have some of the best dishes and delicacies that are not only mouth-watering but a great ambiance that makes it memorable for the guest as well for you and your spouse.

Degani Mernda Junction is one of Melbourne’s famous bakery café since 1999. As soon as you step into this bakery, you would be enchanted with the lovely aroma of freshly baked pastries, delicious breakfasts, and some of the tasty and unique smooth coffees. A perfect morning meal for various office-goers.

Besides, this bakery caters to all the individual needs of its customers. Whether you are celebrating your wedding, anniversary, or graduations and birthdays, Degani Mernda Junction would bring out the best aspects of having a great function that is remarkable and splendid. Each of the cakes, food, etc are made with passion that not only melts your mouth but even makes your stomach happy.
So, if you really want your guest to rave about the best food they have had in their lifetime along with the aspect of capturing the memorable moments of their life, then Degani Mernda Junction is the perfect one.

7. Mernda Village Community Activity Centre

Located on the Mernda Village Drive, this is the perfect center for having a wedding and the best photo booth venues in Mernda. The center boasts of the naturally lit carpeted hall along with high ceilings and a kitchen where roughly 200 people can be accommodated.

Most importantly, this is somewhat the best place for holding grand weddings that you might have dreamed of from your childhood. A spectacular wedding that not only has the best ambiance to make a wedding memorable but various delicacies that even make your guest’s stomach happy.
The community hall has a seating capacity of 150 to 200. Filled with carpet flooring, there are some of the best audio systems like CD, MP3, and iPod. Also, there is a TV set that has HDMI an USB connection. Besides that, there is an efficient air-conditioning and heating system so that your guest won’t feel hot or cold during the summer or winter weddings.


Weddings are the place where two souls meet and two hearts beat and become one. A perfect wedding venue would reflect the moments that you and your better half would want to cherish for a lifetime and with great photos, it would be easy to make sure that others also become a part of your happiness. 

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