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Geerish and Bhavna’s Wedding

Geerish and Bhavna’s Wedding

Its not often that we get to shoot 2 weddings of the same couple. Geerish and Bhavna hired us first almost a year ago to shoot their Registry wedding at The Registry office in Melbourne CBD. Then almost a year later they booked me again to capture special moments of their traditional wedding at their home in Clyde North. 

As you already know we receive many photobooth bookings at home, but rarely do we get a booking for a wedding photo booth hire at home for a wedding celebration. We not only took photos of the ceremony all day but also put up the photo booth for the guests at the reception for them to have fun at the event. 

Another challenge with this booking was also the placement because the home was occupied with the wedding decoration and all the guests we placed the photo booth in the backyard using the natural settings of the place for a more authentic feel. 

Once the photo booth was up the guests simply just queued up to take photos at the booth. The kids were not far behind and they we had a great competition between the adults and the kids to see who could get the funniest photos at the booth. 

We also made sure the props were handy and I brought a special photo booth prop for the bride – a ‘BRIDE’ sunnies. Bhavna, the bride then wore it in almost all of the photos from there on. 

Geerish, the groom was a great sport, he posed and posed and posed all through the evening to take some of the best groom’s photo booth photos I have ever seen. 

At the end of the day when it was time for me to pack up and leave the guest would not let me because they were having soo much fun so I stayed back another hour and a bit just so the couple and the guests could enjoy the photo booth. 

If you would like to hire a wedding photobooth or a photo booth for any other celebration. event or party then get in touch with us. 

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