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Merlinda’s 21st Birthday Party Photo Booth

Merlinda’s 21st Birthday Photo Booth Hire at Switch Lifestyle, Narre Warren 

Cheapest Photobooth Melbourne was lucky to be a part of such an entertaining Birthday Party at Merlinda’s 21st at The Switch Lifestyle. Adriana, Merlinda’s sister called me up asking how our photobooth could add fun to  her sisters Birthday and I asked about the and I asked her what the theme of the party and she said its ALL WHITE THEME party and I said thats great because our all white photo booth perfect for such parties and weddings. Also we put down her name and bring some very fun props and the photo booth will have photo filters to make it even more fun. She loved the idea instantly and booked us in. 

Its was easy to carry our compact, open photo booth through staircase

This was our first event at The Switch Lifestyle so when we got there a little before time we realised the access was on Level 1 but that was no problem for us as our photobooth is very compact and with the latest Hydraulic technology it shuts down in almost a regular moving box size which made it easy for us to carry it up and setup on Level 1 functions area. 

The moment we setup the photobooth the kids jumped at the opportunity to get photo straight away. The Tweeners (teenagers and early twenties) soon joined in and the party was in full swing at the photo booth. They just absolutely loved the props and could not stop taking photos. The White photobooth and the White costumes looked just great together. It was like the White photo booth just belonged there. 

Fun Props for All White Theme Photo Booth Hire

The props were soo much fun that all adults just kept coming back as soon as the kids left the photo booth. We also had a photo book so all the guests could take one photo strip for themselves and stick one in the photo book with a special message for Merlinda. I can only image how Merlinda and her family will cherish the photos and the messages in the photo book. 

Even though we were suppose to finish up at 12 midnight we ended up staying much later until almost 1AM so everyone could get ‘just one more’ photo at the booth. 

If you would like to book us for such and energetic, thematic 21st Birthday Party Photo booth hire then get in touch with us and we will make your Birthday Party entertaining with our photo booth hire in any suburb in Melbourne. 

Happy Poses at Merlinda's Birthday Party Photo Booth
This is soo much fun
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